b2ap3_thumbnail_mail_track_400.jpgOne nail-biting aspect about email is that you’re never sure if the person you sent your message to has actually opened it and read it. This is especially the case if it’s an important message. When you don’t hear back as quickly as you’d like, you then begin to doubt if the message was ever even received, which could lead to unnecessarily contacting them by different means. This only looks desperate. To calm your nerves, there’s an extension for Chrome that tracks details like this for Gmail.

The Chrome extension is called MailTrack for Gmail. You can download it for free from Chrome’s webstore. Here’s the link: http://mailtrack.io/en/

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Essentially, MailTrack lets you know when messages that you send have been read. It’s email tracking features work in two ways:

  • You’ll be able to see which messages have been read, how long ago, how many times and which device they were opened on.
  • You’ll be able to access a dashboard showing you which messages haven’t been read yet.

MailTrack is easy to use, making use of a double-checkmark system displayed to the left of the email. One green checkmark means that the message has been successfully sent, while two green checkmarks equates to the message being “sent and read by receiver.”

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Of course, like most free apps and extensions found on Chrome, MailTrack offers users a paid version allowing them to do more for a monthly fee. Premium paid features include:

  • Daily reports
  • Link tracking
  • No signature
  • Optional tracking
  • Unlimited tracking history

While these features might appeal to the heavy email user, it’s likely that the free version will suffice if you’re only wanting to know if a sent email has been read or not.

Beyond the personal reason of easing your email jitters, there’s a practical application for your workplace; everyone in your office knowing definitively if the emails they send each other are actually read or not. Depending on how MailTrack is used (or other tools like it), you may even be able to improve workplace accountability.

This is just one of the many workplace productivity solutions that Managed Net can recommend for your business. To find sweet relief for all of your technology pain points, call Managed Net today.