b2ap3_thumbnail_drag_and_drop_search_400.jpgOne of the greatest parts of the Internet is how easy it is to search for new information on a particular subject you’re unfamiliar with. Usually this is done by utilizing a search engine like Google, but the search giant’s web browser, Google Chrome, makes this way easier by providing built-in search functions into the browser, including a super-simple drag and drop search function.

Because Typing Your Search Terms is so 1999
We all know that you can simply type your search terms into Google Chrome’s address bar at the top of the page, but there’s a much easier way to quickly and accurately search for what you need to know. If you happen to see something that looks interesting, highlight the text, then click and drag it to the search bar. Google will automatically perform a search on your selected text. Pretty neat, huh?

If you feel this isn’t a practical search method, consider this scenario. You’re searching for managed IT services and you see a term you’re unfamiliar with. All you have to do to learn more about it is highlight the text and drag it into the search bar (or better yet, in a new tab). Bam. Instant access to information on the unfamiliar topic.

Still Too Slow? Try Right-Clicking It
If highlighting, clicking, and dragging text is still too much to ask, you can try an even faster solution; a simple right-click. Highlight the text you want to search for, right-click it, and select “Search Google for [...]” Your search will open in a new tab for your viewing pleasure. That’s right. It really is that easy, and it can shave several minutes off of your search time by letting you look for something specific in the context of the article you’re reading.

Still not convinced? Click and drag this into the search bar: Managed Net contact information. Or, better yet, right click it and search for it on Google. This trick is so neat that you’ll want to call us at (714) 587-2777 to find out even more nifty tricks you can take advantage of to increase productivity in the workplace. Managed Net posts weekly tips about technology and best practices, so be sure to check back and subscribe for even more great ways to spend less time managing your technology, and make it work for you.