b2ap3_thumbnail_kitties_and_puppies_at_work_400.jpgDo you have pets at home? You might find it painful to leave them behind when you head to the office. You might find yourself wishing that you could bring them to your workplace with you. Well, why not? We're hearing about more companies that have implemented a pet policy that lets them bring their furry friends to the office with them.

Having cats and dogs running around might sound distracting, but it's actually beneficial for both parties involved. You can keep an eye on your kitten and make sure it doesn't rip down your curtains again, and your employees will enjoy the company of the animals.

Pets are Great Stress Relievers
Your animals might drive you nuts when they misbehave, but it has been proven and well-documented that pets reduce stress levels. If you have just gotten off the phone with an angry customer or client, wouldn't it be wonderful to pet your little kitty cat? Suddenly, just like that, the stress is mitigated and you can resume your work day in a more productive manner.

Or, perhaps your wonderful idea was turned down by your superiors, and you are about to give up on it. In the words of author and comedian Dave Barry, "You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, 'Wow, you're right! I never would've thought of that!'" No matter what you deal with in the workplace, you can feel better knowing that your animals are there and will love you no matter what.

Pets Reinforce Team Collaboration
Your office has a multitude of personalities that can make collaboration difficult at times. Sometimes, the introverts would rather just work by themselves with little inter-department communication. Pets can really bring these people out of their shells and make the office a place that fosters conversation and collaboration.

Consumer relations will benefit, too, and customers will want to pet the animals roaming the office. This will bring a whole new social dynamic to your work environment, and the sound of furious typing over awkward silence will be replaced by barks, meows, and your clients gushing over how cute Mr. Fuzzles is. They will walk away from your office with a positive experience, and a greater chance of returning and sealing the deal!

Pets Make for a More Active Workplace
Sitting down in front of a computer for eight hours might sound fine for you, but your faithful dog might not agree with you. Eventually, they'll have to go outside and take care of business, and someone will have to go outside with them. So, not only are pets a wonderful excuse to go outside on a lunch break, but they will also keep your employees focused and healthy.

Pets in your business's workplace can make work more enjoyable for everyone, the pets included, but before you go making any huge changes to your company's pet policy, it's a good idea to think things through with the team and set certain rules.

  • Before everyone brings their dogs and cats to work with them, make sure you know everyone's stance on them. If a worker is terrified of dogs, even a friendly one will distract them and significantly decrease their productivity. You also want to check for allergies, too, as a worker who can't breathe or is unconscious from lack of oxygen will find it extremely difficult to work.
  • Always know who is responsible for cleaning up any messes the pets make, and always have cleaning supplies on hand.
  • Outline any possible problems that pets might bring to the workplace with them. Are there particular breeds that aren't allowed? Are pets vaccinated? Are there areas that pets should not access? How about if an animal destroys company property or damages something that isn't theirs? These are all important questions that should have readily accessible answers.

What are your thoughts on animals in the workplace? Are you going to implement a pets policy, or do you think that you have your hands full as it is? Let us know in the comments!